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The next episode of The Book Club with Michael Knowles is coming soon!
You won't want to miss this eye-opening discussion of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley with special guest Sen. Ted Cruz! 📚
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MILES LONG 2 сарын өмнө
Fight UNI! Anyone remember that one?
Omnihertz 2 сарын өмнө
Mickezilla 2 сарын өмнө
excellent book. I loved it. I hope Anthem is next.
MURR DOG 2 сарын өмнө
Simply vote red = remove every Democrat remember how they built fixed our new worst coast, think vote smart blexit Cattlefornia.
Jorge André
Jorge André 2 сарын өмнө
when I read this book and other dystopian fiction some years ago I never thought they would take them as instructions and bring it about into reality
Tusk 2 сарын өмнө
This book is about only getting your information from one source and being happy with the information they give as long as it sticks to your beliefs never looking out side the bubble of possibility, never stepping into the sea of doubt, being happy with claims that are being told as long as they never deviate from your ideals. "Soma is Christianity without the tears".
Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer 2 сарын өмнө
I think the audiobook should be easy to find.
Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart 2 сарын өмнө
I’m a young teen who doesn’t like to read and I wanna read this book
Jack 2 сарын өмнө
Book recommendation - Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard He explains how post modern America became what it is. The rise of social media has destroyed our social nature The increased access to knowledge hides what is true 24-hour news creates no news The rise of the anti-racist has created more racism The rise of gender equality destroys the nature of gender and equality
Jake 2 сарын өмнө
I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. End the lockdown. No masks or vaccines. 99.86% survival rate. Don’t tread on me
Mr Boiardo
Mr Boiardo 2 сарын өмнө
"no masks or vaccines" OK boomer
Adam A
Adam A 2 сарын өмнө
Was required reading in the public high school where I went. Hated the book but that is because reading is an escape from the real world for me. Very depressing but give you food for thought.
Kyle Shebilske
Kyle Shebilske 2 сарын өмнө
I Dispute This Video By Inserting My Own Video... mnpost.info/zone/qpfVrbrEi72VjoI/video
Nihilistic 2 сарын өмнө
Trump: Being more authoritarian and calling the media, the democratic measures of free press, the enemy of the people. Firing people who investigate him. And also making policies that widens income inequality such as tax cuts. PragerU: Critiquing authoritatian and the manipulation of human thought via dystopia novel. Also, stuffing soma in their videos. By the way, isn't one of the themes about caste and systemic inequality?
Chris Ram
Chris Ram 2 сарын өмнө
This book make a big impact on me in my teens
Jonathan Helas
Jonathan Helas 2 сарын өмнө
Rosefire 2 сарын өмнө
I hope they do "Gone With the Wind" in book club
The Domestic Engineer
The Domestic Engineer 2 сарын өмнө
The movie is really shitty but really good in a logan's run sort of way. Lol
Kikya Mart
Kikya Mart 2 сарын өмнө
I laugh when I've already read all the book club books already, but if you haven't you should. Brave new world is especially relevant.
BattleChemist 2 сарын өмнө
I've kept telling people, we're closer to BNW than we are 1984 all through the Obama presidency... now we're moving into the 1984 era, as you noted when reviewing it on the prior episode.
BattleChemist 2 сарын өмнө
@madwtube if you think I care what some snarky schmuck on youtube's comments thinks, you missed the point.
Mike Cook
Mike Cook 2 сарын өмнө
Buy more ammunition every payday. Obey the law. Disagree respectfully. Read the constitution and be prepared to defend yourself and the Republic. A gram is not better than a damn. Damn the commies.
Daniel Dieppe
Daniel Dieppe 2 сарын өмнө
Couple points: A) Love how 90% of the books are British 🇬🇧🇬🇧 B) Can u get Peter Hitchens to analyse it plsss 🤫
tchristian04 2 сарын өмнө
1984 always gets the credit Brave New World deserves. Huxley got far more right, I think.
Kikya Mart
Kikya Mart 2 сарын өмнө
Brave new world is the calm before the before storm... 1984 is the next step...
H__ 0
H__ 0 2 сарын өмнө
You should do something by Charles Dickens.
GunFun ZS
GunFun ZS 2 сарын өмнө
Meh. Dickens was kind of progressive. Also he was never subtle.
No One
No One 2 сарын өмнө
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy 2 сарын өмнө
Challenge: find every video titled Joe Biden announces Kamala Harris as his VP pick and copy and paste this: mnpost.info/zone/pq_Pq8_Ro6h8rZg/video. Bet you can't post more than 10 times without receiving an "unknown error" message!
Bonnenouvellesjonny 2 сарын өмнө
Good ideas, bad writing, clumsy development, weak, meandering plot
tubeler 2 сарын өмнө
I read A Brave New World while I was in China. I was disappointed that it was not confiscated.
Mrn95 2 сарын өмнө
How funny, I started and finished reading 1984 and one week later it was on the bookclub. One week later I finished a Brave New World and now its on the book club. Seems like I picked the right books
I Am Speed
I Am Speed 2 сарын өмнө
I hate this book so much
Wilhelm I
Wilhelm I 2 сарын өмнө
Wait I thought this guy was “Lying Ted”.
Robert Goffman
Robert Goffman 2 сарын өмнө
Top Video !
Robert Goffman
Robert Goffman 2 сарын өмнө
Klass Video !
Robert Goffman
Robert Goffman 2 сарын өмнө
Super Video !
16tons 2 сарын өмнө
theweek.com/articles/853549/no-longer-brave-new-world-back-1984 this article almost seems to suggest that the author wants exactly that. "Huxley's tale of domination invited by a passive populace, obsessed with entertainment and apathetic toward reality, certainly has its currency."
16tons 2 сарын өмнө
bottom level orange beam enjoy yourself
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 2 сарын өмнө
Michael, does Ben know you're moonlighting?
ShantyIrishman 2 сарын өмнө
The book that made me an atheist
RubyLovesRocket 2 сарын өмнө
Had to read this for Assigned Summer Reading between my Freshman & Sophomore years of high school. It was this and The Once And Future King. I loved Arthurian Legend, so I decided to read Brave New World first to get it out of the way. End up reading it 4 or 5 times that summer and never touched T.H. White.
FiatDuster 2 сарын өмнө
I read Brave New World and 1984 Jose junior high school student. They both had an amazing impact on me. And they certainly have prepared me to recognize the ills of the modern world as it decays around me.
Carly Nielsen
Carly Nielsen 2 сарын өмнө
My favorite novel...didn't realize until recently that it had become prophetic nonfiction. Blend this book with Orwell's "1984" and you have a pretty good idea of our worst-case-scenario future. Can't wait to hear what you have to say about it.
Benny Moshe
Benny Moshe 2 сарын өмнө
I think a discussion juxtaposing both novels would be fun:)
Richard Millwood
Richard Millwood 2 сарын өмнө
Literally just bought that last week.
Chapel Montoya
Chapel Montoya 2 сарын өмнө
Been listening to the audio book, such a weird world.
Barrett Fenwick
Barrett Fenwick 2 сарын өмнө
Parts of this book hit me deep... It's truly sad how relevant it has become...
Scrapykat 2 сарын өмнө
Do a book club on the Cannery and Sweet Thursday! Also eye opening!
DapperHelljumper101 2 сарын өмнө
when I read this book, It only affirmed my belief in God as the focus on the dystopia created out of endless indulgance is a world that is expected when you are aware of sin and accept that awareness
William Solomon
William Solomon 2 сарын өмнө
Obiden's Campaign team did not trust O'biden making his VP announcement himself live, they feared that he would screw it up. Someone from his Campaign sent out the text message announcement "Kamala Harris" on Obiden's behalf. Better safe than sorry.
Scrapykat 2 сарын өмнө
Jimmyinvictus 2 сарын өмнө
Another classic dystopian novel that was frightening accurate in its predictions; especially relevant for a population glued to their smartphones and obsessed with social media. Up until recently I would have said Huxley's vision was more accurate than Orwell's, now it appears we're drifting into a combination of BNW and 1984.
Jimmyinvictus 2 сарын өмнө
@R.C. Whitehead Idiocracy would be funny if you couldn't look around you and see it's actually a contemporary documentary.
R.C. Whitehead
R.C. Whitehead 2 сарын өмнө
...and Idiocracy.
JHL JHL 2 сарын өмнө
Where nihilism and the pleasure principle rule. "O brave new world that has such things."
miss maggie
miss maggie 2 сарын өмнө
One of my favorite books ever....I never thought as I was re-reading it for the 5th time in college 25 yrs ago that we’d be living it in 2020.
miss maggie
miss maggie 2 сарын өмнө
Theresa Fay no!
Theresa Fay
Theresa Fay 2 сарын өмнө
Did you read Brave New World Revisted?? Huxley wrote it 20 years later.
Theresa Fay
Theresa Fay 2 сарын өмнө
Sad, isn't it!! I've been saying this since March!!
Vic Diaz
Vic Diaz 2 сарын өмнө
I’m so happy to see Ted Cruz on the image for this video. The man has America running through his veins. if he runs in 2024 I am going to throw as much money as possible towards his campaign.
SupertzarMetal 2 сарын өмнө
Trump ripped Ted a new one. And destroyed his wife. Ted cried. Then he bowed his head and asked Trump for forgiveness.
HardikG121 2 сарын өмнө
Vic Diaz He has cowardice running through his veins. Easily the biggest beta male cuck in American political history.
Antonio Camacho
Antonio Camacho 2 сарын өмнө
I'm glad that Ted Cruz is one of the senators of my state
Brandon B
Brandon B 2 сарын өмнө
By tax deductible can it be like 10 dollars or 1k?
Fire eater 9107
Fire eater 9107 2 сарын өмнө
I started to read this book. I stopped. No regrets!
Clarke Summers
Clarke Summers 2 сарын өмнө
it gets better, I promise. The first 50-100 pages were a bit slow, but it really picked up for me, especially once you reach the halfway mark
R. M.
R. M. 2 сарын өмнө
I love the book club!
Dioioego 2 сарын өмнө
Hello You Guyyss!! Any gender fluid here? I identify as a lesbian trans-woman today ..... on my period right now. Please vote Joe for Joe Biden for a better future and the right to abort a child at 3 years old of age. Yeah.
Dioioego 2 сарын өмнө
madwtube ahhhh!! You got me 😃🤣👍🏻 And that definition of elderly ... 😂😂
Dioioego 2 сарын өмнө
madwtube clearly you didn’t pick up the sarcasm in my comment. The current upper limit for abortion in New York is above the 24 weeks, meaning that human beings like myself born premature at 7months or my friend born at 6 (!!!!) are legally killed. It’s many 10 of millions of human lives terminated in the last 50 years only in the US. Of course, given the despicable morals of the Leftists, abortions is currently allowed up to birth with cases of babies still alive and left to die. Pro-abortion and the ‘right to kill a baby’ goes with the wider enabling approach to paedophilia and child trafficking that the Marxists condone and push for, like the vile Nazis that they are. There will be a time in History when the vile Leftists scum bags will be judged, right now they are the authoritarian vile establishment.
Christopher Field
Christopher Field 2 сарын өмнө
Johnnie Hansen
Johnnie Hansen 2 сарын өмнө
I have read, but I was not all together a fan.
terry boyer
terry boyer 2 сарын өмнө
Read it again.
jose ramirez
jose ramirez 2 сарын өмнө
This book really made an impact on my young teenage self.
Chris Ram
Chris Ram 2 сарын өмнө
Theresa Fay
Theresa Fay 2 сарын өмнө
@John Galt Atlas Shrugged, that is.
Theresa Fay
Theresa Fay 2 сарын өмнө
@John Galt You know, for years I've bee. meaning to read that one!! Too many books, not enough time. I'm reading The Creature from Jekyll Island about the Federal Reserve.
Scrapykat 2 сарын өмнө
John Galt they’re reading Hunger Games
John Galt
John Galt 2 сарын өмнө
Atlas Shrugged 😁 Brave New world The Unincorporated Man The Fountainhead The moon is a harsh mistress Starship troopers We the living Anthem Stranger in a strange land So many amazing books.
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 сарын өмнө
cool look, essentially a commercial.
alertonoff 4
alertonoff 4 2 сарын өмнө
GOBSHITE ! the real title is 'BRAVE NEW WORD' !
checkplz 2 сарын өмнө
Oh great! I just read this 😄
Sean Gutierrez
Sean Gutierrez 2 сарын өмнө
Is Ted Cruz affiliated with the book?
st3v0s 2 сарын өмнө
He will do the review
You really on donations from Israel
42Fab - Metal Fabrication & Signage
42Fab - Metal Fabrication & Signage 2 сарын өмнө
I love the content, but this constant "next up" video format cluttering my subscriptions has led to me unsubscribing. I'll rely on the algorithm to recommend your videos, which is unlikely to keep me viewing as much.
Mobius Studios
Mobius Studios 2 сарын өмнө
madwtube I literally said in my comment you can criticize what I said... I never denied that what you said was a criticism... I never said “PragerU, do this”, I just told them about a problem I personally had with their content, they can take that advice or leave it. I don’t understand how I am entitled for trying to help them make their content better, nicely, mind you. The fact that you’re criticizing me for criticizing them is also hypocritical. If you can call me a brat for critiquing them, then I can just as easy call you a brat for critiquing me. I’m very confused as to what your argument is as I was trying to help out. Channels love constructive criticism because it allows them to better themselves. I was not rude, nor entitled. I don’t even get how I could be entitled for asking nicely to consider thinking about changing something. It wasn’t a command, nor even a request. Just a suggestion. If as a country we are no longer allowed to voice opinions to HELP someone without being criticized, we truly have lost free speech on a human level. Please help me understand your problem with what I said, because so far it truly makes no sense, and to call some random guy on MNpost an entitled brat is okay how?
Mobius Studios
Mobius Studios 2 сарын өмнө
madwtube you can constructive criticism my comment, but saying I can’t give them any is ridiculous. How am I entitled by trying to help them improve their channel with a general concern I have? Also, I say community since I was just agreeing with the original commenter
Mobius Studios
Mobius Studios 2 сарын өмнө
madwtube so we as the MNpost community are no longer allowed to give constructive criticism? We weren’t mean just suggesting... :/
Natasha S.
Natasha S. 2 сарын өмнө
Lol, the first world problems are strong with this one!
Scrapykat 2 сарын өмнө
A lot of channels do that to let you put in a reminder. Nothing new he’s doing. If he didn’t, people would complain they missed it!
Mark Delaney
Mark Delaney 2 сарын өмнө
Never forget. Ted Cruz called The Proud Boys bigoted morons and Knowles sat by and let him. They are both suspect.
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards 2 сарын өмнө
@Mark Delaney I've spent the last 3 years rebuilding my party. Straightening out a lot of troubled souls. The old. The young. Men of war. Women of war. Some of us of trying to raise kids in these towns. Good kids. Kids that don't that have limited vocabularies like "duh duh duh libtard" or *shakes fist* "HOO HOO HOO HOO HOO!" Kids that don't have on next to nothing and everything out in the open back during said PB's decedent teens and 20's in the 90's and 2000's. The reason the left is what they are today comes from about 3 generations of bad and toxic role models. Someone's gotta be the disciplinarian. We can't both be the fun parent.
Mark Delaney
Mark Delaney 2 сарын өмнө
@tubeler Pepperidge farm remembers
tubeler 2 сарын өмнө
I have not forgotten that Cruz blamed the Chicago riots that occurred when Trump had a campaign rally there on Trump either. I was planning on voting for Cruz until he did this. I then switched to Trump.
Mark Delaney
Mark Delaney 2 сарын өмнө
@Tom Edwards also big guy, if you want to compare notes what have you done to stand up for liberty? Or do you just complain to your local politicians?
Mark Delaney
Mark Delaney 2 сарын өмнө
@Tom Edwards hey big guy. Some people aren't stuffed shirts and want limited government. PB liked Ted becuase he wants to limit the power of the government.
mellowmindset 2 сарын өмнө
Things are picking up For those who have read Brave New World I recommend Huxley's poems The Burning Wheel For those new to Huxley Enjoy And be calm about it We got this
Michael Murray
Michael Murray 2 сарын өмнө
I read that novel back in my 12th grade year in high school. I even recommended it to my mom that she read herself since she likes to read novels. However, she had barely finished the first chapter and she already thought it was creepy.
H Lin
H Lin 2 сарын өмнө
How to join the book club? Thanks
H Lin
H Lin 2 сарын өмнө
Cortez Phenix thank you
Cortez Phenix
Cortez Phenix 2 сарын өмнө
The book club is just those who read the book and watch the PragerU analysis video. Enjoy this classic!
Jerry Cant
Jerry Cant 2 сарын өмнө
How is your copy of Brave New World so large? Mine is a sliver of a paperback.
Dagney Taggart
Dagney Taggart 2 сарын өмнө
Large print edition.....😁
Benny Moshe
Benny Moshe 2 сарын өмнө
Give me a tour of your Hatchery and Conditioning Centre, baby😏😍❤
Benny Moshe
Benny Moshe 2 сарын өмнө
@John M not sure what you are implying.. It was just a fun, lighthearted, "MTV Cribs-esque," type of comment in contrast to how the grim facility is illustrated at beginning of the book. Would you like a tour to check out where the gamete magic happens?
owen dorman
owen dorman 2 сарын өмнө
I remember reading this book and 1984 when I was in middle school
Chris Fuller
Chris Fuller 2 сарын өмнө
Knowles is a scholarly gentlemen whom i’ve had the pleasure of meeting.
MC Goku
MC Goku 2 сарын өмнө
First 1984 and now this? How many good books are these clods going to ruin?
᚛ᚂᚔᚅᚉᚑᚂᚅ᚜ ᛞᛖᚱ ᛚᛁᛝᚷᚹᛁᛊᛏ
᚛ᚂᚔᚅᚉᚑᚂᚅ᚜ ᛞᛖᚱ ᛚᛁᛝᚷᚹᛁᛊᛏ 2 сарын өмнө
Michael should also do animal farm. For those who don't know, it's an allegory of Soviet Russia on a farm i.e. countries are farms, humans are the oppressors (bourgeoisie), the animals are the oppressed (proletariats) and the pigs are the communist leaders
Oat Miser
Oat Miser 2 сарын өмнө
@Michael Maya Orwell's point in Animal Farm is to attack the authoritarianism of Stalin and show the decay of the Russian Revolution into elitism. Think about how our republic has decayed into a government of corporate interests and authoritarian police deployment recently.
Oat Miser
Oat Miser 2 сарын өмнө
@Michael Maya do you not understand what an allegory is?
2WhiteAndNerdy 2 сарын өмнө
Ooh! Time for a re-read! Book is practically prophetic at this point. Excellent book but the fact that it's coming more and more true by the day saddens me. :(
HLMclen 2 сарын өмнө
Yes one of my favorite classic book 📖
Wilhelm I
Wilhelm I 2 сарын өмнө
Hey @PragerU? I have a suggestion. Read Catch-22. It's a satire about the futility and inherent bureaucracy of modern warfare.
Alvin Jenson
Alvin Jenson 2 сарын өмнө
Just bought it!! You guys did a great job of giving me a pick from Man's Search For Meaning, so I'm gonna try this one out too. I love PragerU!!
L J 2 сарын өмнө
Laurisa Reyes
Laurisa Reyes 2 сарын өмнө
Why not use the Book Club to review new non-fiction books by conservative political pundits?
Gabriel 2 сарын өмнө
@Laurisa Reyes And that is the exact reason I suggest that PragerU do it. While Prager U has done a video with Stephen Meyer maybe it is time to do a video with Jerry Coyne as well or even read his book.
Dagney Taggart
Dagney Taggart 2 сарын өмнө
@Laurisa Reyes Classic status does not mean widely read, especially for the younger target audience. It is worthwhile to being these books to those who have been spoon fed only revision and lies.
Laurisa Reyes
Laurisa Reyes 2 сарын өмнө
@Gabriel Yes, I would agree, except that Prager U is specifically and intentionally conservative. And I was merely suggesting that a conservative resource support conservative authors by reviewing their books instead of books that have been reviewed a thousand times over.
Gabriel 2 сарын өмнө
Coming from a liberal so take that how you want, but I think this is much better idea. I can see Brave New World being grossly misinterpreted in so many ways. Yes, the book is about the cost of a Utopia, but that can be viewed through so many lens. Huxley was an atheist, who experimented with drugs, etc. before there was even really such a thing. I would also suggest not staying in one lane and get to know the other side. People today straw man the other side so much mainly because they don't have clue about other party's arguements. So read more non-fiction conservatives, but also be brave and try to understand your neighbor. The opposite side can alway make great points as well. We all have to stop living in the echo chamber.
Maureen Manning
Maureen Manning 2 сарын өмнө
Thanks... gonna go get it!😉
Carlos Escobedo
Carlos Escobedo 2 сарын өмнө
From 1984 to Brave New World book review? That’s what I call CONTENT
James Lucas
James Lucas 2 сарын өмнө
I enjoyed this book. I went to a private catholic university in Florida and it was required reading. You could say the book is "perfect, perfect."
James Lucas
James Lucas 2 сарын өмнө
@madwtube I don't understand your question. Are you thinking/asking if the University I went to is a religious organization and that you are surprised that such a book was required reading? If so, then rest assure it is an accredited University first and foremost and not a church.
miss maggie
miss maggie 2 сарын өмнө
I too went to a private catholic college where it was required reading in our Western Civ class.
Fckya Feelingz
Fckya Feelingz 2 сарын өмнө
Hell Yea!!!
JoniukasVader 2 сарын өмнө
SHARK VADER 2 сарын өмнө
LadyCathryn 2 сарын өмнө
I suggest you also review Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 as it deals with political correctness as well as other ideals of totalitarianism
Adam A
Adam A 2 сарын өмнө
@R. M. And Animal Farm.
R. M.
R. M. 2 сарын өмнө
Yep another good one ☝🏻!
Carlos M.Aliaga
Carlos M.Aliaga 2 сарын өмнө
👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻
kresant 2 сарын өмнө
Thanks dad.
Dank Doge
Dank Doge 2 сарын өмнө
Yoshibro26 2 сарын өмнө
Bertie96 2 сарын өмнө
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