Will Witt Interviews Viral Los Angeles Restaurant Owner About Impact of Lockdowns

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Will Witt sits down with Angela Marsden, the owner of Pineapple Hill Saloon, who went viral last week after her restaurant got shut down, but a film crew set up a dining area outside for 200 members in the same parking lot. Check it out and share this video!
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Support the Pineapple Hill Saloon via Go Fund Me: www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-pineapple-hill-saloon
Ross Temple
Ross Temple Сарын өмнө
Thanks for the insight. I don’t run a business but even I can figure out no customers means no business. Our problems are because we put off God’s good morals and allowed fools to rule.
P V h
P V h Сарын өмнө
@Mr.GainInsane, she didn’t have a choice don’t you realize that, they would have arrested her.
Keith Cindy Panama
Keith Cindy Panama Сарын өмнө
PragerU great information and education. Thank you for being independent!!
Keith Cindy Panama
Keith Cindy Panama Сарын өмнө
DNC. Deranged Nutz of Communizm in action!!!!! Pro corporations Hollywood anti small business.
P V h
P V h Сарын өмнө
@Sarah Alderman, thank you. This whole thing about conservatives promoting genocide just for living their lives... wow...
Ryan Ramos
Ryan Ramos 6 өдрийн өмнө
DemocRAT Communists are coming
street1cred 7 өдрийн өмнө
Suicide and overdoses, the marijuana shops are open to help the public with their favorite gateway drug.
street1cred 7 өдрийн өмнө
$$$ Don't worry, Leftist "Progressive" Billionaires have vision, at a later date will buy it all up for an exceptionally low price, and at a later date re-make all the money you lost go directly into their pockets. How is the Governor's Chinese Billion Dollar mask deal going ? $$$
mickvk 9 өдрийн өмнө
Love the heart that she demonstrates!
Aidan 25 өдрийн өмнө
Buncha dummies at prageru
Patrick Devine
Patrick Devine 26 өдрийн өмнө
I bet In 4 years a Republican won’t even be on the ballot in California
Geoff at Large
Geoff at Large 27 өдрийн өмнө
Great interview! Angela Marston as well as another small business owner, David Morris, can also be heard discussing their stories here: mnpost.info/zone/nq66f5qnbrWJh4Y/video
SpicyDames Vintage Jewelry & Things
SpicyDames Vintage Jewelry & Things 28 өдрийн өмнө
They are bulling the American business owners into submission. If all business owners were brave as some they should all keep the door's open.
Shawn 29 өдрийн өмнө
"Richest" country in world and can't support their people through this pandemic. The numbers are so bad business should have been shut, but the fed and the state government should have provide financial support for their citizens. Why tf isn't Will wearing a mask? Have some respect for the other person in this conversation. Hardly being a good neighbour.
marvinshenk Сарын өмнө
I feel bad for this lady and her business. We've known this whole time that this virus hurts older people the most, so let everyone else keep going and protect the older people. Doesn't seem that complicated to me.
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Сарын өмнө
I can't understand what she is saying with that mask on.
Kima Ransom
Kima Ransom Сарын өмнө
Politicians: Congressman, Senators, Governors, Mayors, etc. shouldn’t get paid until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Since they want to “shutdown” everything, which is causing Americans to lose everything, they need to lose their paycheck too!
Honest Truth
Honest Truth Сарын өмнө
I live in MINNESOTA and we are currently open for outdoor dining. Its been a relatively mild winter but this winter even if its -10 degrees outside and we are still allowed go out and support our restaurants outdoors. Our cases have gotten pretty bad, just weeks ago they were growing at a top five fastest rate of all the states. But even our more liberal governor understands that the data relating covid cases to outdoor dining shows the causation is absolutely scant in spreading the virus and has acted accordingly. I actually respect our governor even as someone who leans more conservative but it seems like California's politicians are closing things for the sake of being political and making a national republican administration look bad and probably plan on opening everything as soon as Biden takes office to claim this was all their party's doing which "saved businesses". Absolutely ridiculous how far some of the ultra liberal have gone its almost criminal at this point.
candiceangeli Сарын өмнө
God bless her
Jaylen Y
Jaylen Y Сарын өмнө
God Bless!
scorpio hurley
scorpio hurley Сарын өмнө
ive said in another interview video i saw with Angela and i quote "i feel for the owner in California i really truly do !! it has to be horrible and terrifying but she really shouldn't be saying she has let go of all her staff and yet in the background you can see her staff walking around!!! " the situation with COVID has been effecting many people all around the world and i can only imagine the devastation it put small business owners in but again shouldnt be saying youve had to let go of all your staff when your in a interview and you can see your staff in the background walking around !!! video interview from ( Valuetainment youtube channel)
Ranger Don
Ranger Don Сарын өмнө
Move get out of dodge save yourself leave the leftist socialist commie democrat Mecca
J Сарын өмнө
Not to mention that the film crew people obviously don't just go home and go to set. They still have the high chance of coming into contact with someone that has it, somewhere.
sislau Сарын өмнө
Seriously, it feels like the government is TRYING to cause a civil war, starting in California. Push. Push. Push. Push ... Just waiting for them to push BACK!
Keith Cindy Panama
Keith Cindy Panama Сарын өмнө
My wife and I were at the mall people were 1-2ft apart also in the food court a group of people were playing cards at a table. 13:30. It’s a great quote. What’s worse then being blind? Having sighte with no vision. Helen Keller. mnpost.info/zone/jLjFiK2wmayrr4o/video
Keith Cindy Panama
Keith Cindy Panama Сарын өмнө
Supporters for reparations from politicians representatives and congress who broke promises they failed to keep by paying back taxpayers!!!!!!!
The Boys
The Boys Сарын өмнө
Maybe if Trump enforced masking, we would be ina much better place. Clown
Keith Cindy Panama
Keith Cindy Panama Сарын өмнө
What is that Hollywood show. It should be boycott.
Max Lever
Max Lever Сарын өмнө
California has "Officials", but sadly, very few "Leaders".
Chris Lemonis
Chris Lemonis Сарын өмнө
Truth be told. Poverty and unemployment are bigger killers than covid-19
Pinkless Eyes
Pinkless Eyes Сарын өмнө
Who are the 74 people who dislike this video?
clint0ellis Сарын өмнө
You and your business are welcome in The Oklahoma. You will thrive here!
Paul Picha
Paul Picha Сарын өмнө
great job speaking up for ALL of us! Thank you very much !! You say it so eloquently... invest in protecting the vulnerable while letting others work !! Thank you , thank you
derSpeed Сарын өмнө
3:13 - That’s ridiculous. A perfect representation of empty sentiment from a politician. Maybe the politician should have her cater for the production company since she can’t serve the general public.
mdunawaym Сарын өмнө
Great interview!
Democracy of Light
Democracy of Light Сарын өмнө
You are a beacon of light my dear. SHINE ON!
Whocares Сарын өмнө
Middle class can't make it in california, leave and let the wealthy take care of the poor. Let's see how long that lasts.
Abe Kartman
Abe Kartman Сарын өмнө
Hypocrisy is the yardstick of tyranny.
balaklavausa Сарын өмнө
i think one day we will realize that we made big mistake with all these lockdowns
Mr.Astronuts Сарын өмнө
I attended PragerU back in 2015 on a wrestling scholarship. That is until they shut down the wrestling program because the coaches kept banging all the kids. But hey that happens everywhere that's not just a PragerU thing. Unfortunately it also meant I was stuck taking normal classes and trying to keep my GPA up WITHOUT being a star athlete. And man those classes were so weird.
MaxColossus Сарын өмнө
I notice you didn't ask who she voted for in the Presidential election.
Diana Jin
Diana Jin Сарын өмнө
You have common sense and a big heart. You don't need a PhD.
Ed Fissinger
Ed Fissinger Сарын өмнө
Talk about too much government. The government of the United States is supposed to only have powers the people specifically give it. The rest belong to and remain with the citizens. The governor has way, way overreached his authority and should go to prison for his crimes against freedom!
M B Сарын өмнө
"It's not about politics," yet Garcetti, Newsome, Sheila Kuehl, and the majority of the Los Angeles city council are hardcore socialist liberal Democrats. Of course it's about politics and selfishness.
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams Сарын өмнө
I used to go to this place a few times a month. Great food and awesome staff.
topcat890 Сарын өмнө
California governor stupid
Sydney Alfrido
Sydney Alfrido Сарын өмнө
Wait until the Dems come in office then the Stimulus check they keep denying will suddenly be approved and the Republicans will look like the mean uncaring people again.
John Roth
John Roth Сарын өмнө
Awesome interview Will. Thank you for letting her speak. Too many interviewers talk over their guest. Also there is a contradiction between "essential workers" vs the $15 minimum wage. So people need to make a living wage but big government will shut down the non-essential workers. Sounds like socialism to me. I guess some are more-equal than others.
Amanda Nicole
Amanda Nicole Сарын өмнө
this has gotten out of hand more barm then good has been done to the USA this past year!! Open up already!!!! Enough is enough
blamau14 Сарын өмнө
If this type of stuff doesn't convince California to never vote Democrat again then they're beyond saving at this point
let's see
let's see Сарын өмнө
Why no volume????
Michael H.
Michael H. Сарын өмнө
Why they are still dragging this farce out after allegedly getting the scalp that they wanted after the election is beyond me.
marcia crow
marcia crow Сарын өмнө
I love the Helen Keller quote.
Smoke Dog
Smoke Dog Сарын өмнө
I'm having a hard time with this, I am having a hard time feeling sorry for her, I want to I really do. I suspect she voted for the fascist that are currently ruining her business and the state she has decided to live in.
Pam Burtness
Pam Burtness Сарын өмнө
I do I always was fascinating by Helen Keller!
Pam Burtness
Pam Burtness Сарын өмнө
To much commonsense for those in government to understand or maybe it’s all deliberate!
Smoke Dog
Smoke Dog Сарын өмнө
You get who you vote for, live with it or vote differently.
tron3entertainment Сарын өмнө
Welcome to Marxist, Socialism in the United States. This is only the beginning.
Mark Tramontana
Mark Tramontana Сарын өмнө
Leave that shit hole of a state.
Harley Girl 4Life
Harley Girl 4Life Сарын өмнө
This is 99.7 % survivable!!!! So WHY is this going on ?!?!! Why can some be open & others can’t. ITS BS
Harley Girl 4Life
Harley Girl 4Life Сарын өмнө
I am at the verge of loosing my home & my car as well. I don’t know what is going to happen!! It’s what I was thinking as well Pelosi shows her designer ice cream in her 20,000. Fridge. She’s getting paid. She doesn’t care that we are about to be homeless & won’t have a car to get to work IF it ever starts again. The politicians are trying to ruin the country. They want us all to have nothing !!! Politicians SHOULD NOT GET PAID TIL WE ALL DO !!!!
Zena Alireza
Zena Alireza Сарын өмнө
Zena Alireza
Zena Alireza Сарын өмнө
Zap Сарын өмнө
That is a very beautiful woman there.
Neal the Great
Neal the Great Сарын өмнө
I made it out of California. I have a thriving engineering company in North Carolina.I visit often, but would not move back for any amount of money.
Alec Winter
Alec Winter Сарын өмнө
Will is like, "Come at me Gavin. I aint wearing a mask."
G S Сарын өмнө
Who did she vote for in CA?
Nellie Smithfield
Nellie Smithfield Сарын өмнө
PragerU is so cringe. DEATH TO AMERICA.
Trumpy Clock
Trumpy Clock Сарын өмнө
*Today* *is* *the* *13th* *of* *December* *2020.* *There* *are* *37* *days* *20* *hours* *38* *minutes* *and* *58* *seconds* *remaining* *until* *Joe* *Biden* *is* *inaugurated.*
Charles Cox
Charles Cox Сарын өмнө
8:55 who can it be knocking at my door?
Andrew Shupe
Andrew Shupe Сарын өмнө
A. Marsden for governor
Bon Summers
Bon Summers Сарын өмнө
Take the mask off.
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat Сарын өмнө
Its simple and this can all end now. All the pain and suffering of Individuals and small businesses. If every single one of us put the mask down and refused to participate it would be over. But they have made us too divided to work together, divide and conquer we all know this tactic.
Gee Mac72
Gee Mac72 Сарын өмнө
We have to get to the point where we no longer think government can be the solution. They are the problem. Hoping to change a seat to the party of your choice in the next election is a punt. People have to get together and rise up against government. Like that foul mouthed guy on the street of NYC said "If they fear you, they won't f*ck with you!". Let blmantifa be an inspiration. Get some numbers together, show up, demand your opinion become law. Do what they do without destroying property and you'll see some change.
jamarmiller Сарын өмнө
WE need to go to war. This is not suppose to be constitutional. this is kiilling people, destroying thier lives, their kids futures, ect. We go to war there is no other choice. The governor needs to go to Jail for life for killing these people ( maybe even worse but I cant say here on MNpost ).
Robert Deal
Robert Deal Сарын өмнө
CA's ,, Move to a red State. Leave CA ,but don't take your blues with you . Leave them behind in CA. CA: The land for Homeless and politicians.
Brier-Rose HopeDiamond
Brier-Rose HopeDiamond Сарын өмнө
I knew she was a TOTAL leftist because everything she "knew" was taught to her by Anne Sullivan, but I had no idea Helen Keller was so very self-piteous. Maybe she should try having leprosy, or advanced Parkinson's sometime...or living under a Socialist or Communist regime.
Turbo Turtle
Turbo Turtle Сарын өмнө
They don’t care what we think They know we can’t do anything to stop them
Joy Williams
Joy Williams Сарын өмнө
Thank God I live in Iowa.
John630Galt Сарын өмнө
Thank you PragerU & Will!!! GREAT quote from Helen Keller at the end, from the bar owner.
Stefan Spadaro
Stefan Spadaro Сарын өмнө
Clearly the only people working that don’t provide goods or services for us are our representatives. Time for them to lose their salaries for 10 months.
Emily Сарын өмнө
She gives me Katniss Everdeen vibes. Especially in the original video
R Shinn
R Shinn Сарын өмнө
You voted for this
Richard H
Richard H Сарын өмнө
Everyone open. Everyone take your mask off. Everyone live life like normal. They can't take us all down
Viconius Сарын өмнө
I don't know folks, the country just voted for more of this bad behavior. We've given bad politicians no incentive to change.
lucky fish
lucky fish Сарын өмнө
Imagine what the politicians would do during a pandemic with only 98% survival rate!
lucky fish
lucky fish Сарын өмнө
The politicians should be the guinea pigs for the vaccine. Win-win either way it goes!
Joey Riveira
Joey Riveira Сарын өмнө
Please see my iteration as a joke . King newsom portrays himself as if he is a “Shylock” . Even he hides behind all his criminal doings and still stars does as I say and not as I do . There’s got to be a means to they end to newsom & all these lockdowns that are only causing severe hardships for not only this state but the country as a whole . Away with newsom and his entourage
Aubrey Chevalier
Aubrey Chevalier Сарын өмнө
If she had any sense she might of stood up before the election. She waits and stays a registered Democrat. You get what you vote for and I'm not gonna feel sorry for spinless people unwilling to stand up or question the dang leftists.
Enzo Lupert
Enzo Lupert Сарын өмнө
Why does he have such a big head on the thumbnail??? hahaha
Emily Kerstetter
Emily Kerstetter Сарын өмнө
She's absolutely right. These politicians should not be getting paid, nor should they be receiving any tax dollars.
SingBike Сарын өмнө
The COVID hysteria needs to stop. They use guilt and manipulation to try to deny things as basic as breathing normally, socializing, running your business, and enjoying life. What is also upsetting is there are people who are happy to go along with it. Enough is enough.
Patricia Masci
Patricia Masci Сарын өмнө
It only takes 1 Person to open the floor & invite Everybody to get up & DANCE!! The Evil Elite want U 2 do as they SAY....not as they DO!! 😡💦
Tina McNalley
Tina McNalley Сарын өмнө
I am so sorry everyone is suffering. Mistakes have been made. But the fact is, drunks in bars spread covid! This has happened everywhere shutdowns have been lessened FACT: Covid is 20 times more lethal than seasonal flu. Seasonal flu lasts a week with no ongoing damage. Covid can last 3 to 6 weeks and NO ONE knows what long term impact the virus has on our bodies. People that claim the virus is "no big deal" are delusional. Public health and safety decisions MUST be made because a large majority of people do not have the intelligence or the morals and ethics to protect themselves and others. Drunks are at the top of this list. (And I drink myself.)
Winston Smith
Winston Smith Сарын өмнө
LBJ famously said about Vietnam: "When I lost Walter Cronkite I've lost the country. Folks I'm am 70 years old, a registered Republican and whiter than the Duke of Windsor. The country now has lost people like me and likely 10s of millions like me. Eff all the politicians: Newson, Cuomo, Biden, Murphy and Trump too! Congratulations to this young women for her courage but she is "spitting in the ocean." Say goodbye to the late, once great United States. RIP America... 1776-2020.
Ted Monjure
Ted Monjure Сарын өмнө
Mayor Garcetti represents a brand of vapid politicians whose only "response" to the public danger of COVID is to "shut something down", without any scientific data or evidence to support these decisions. This is what you get from government officials. It would be best to amend the consitutions of the 50 states to restrict governnors and mayors from declaring of emergencies with no time limits, or with no oversight by the legislatures. Louisiana is working to enforce this by terminating the Governor's endless emergency. Predictably the Governor has taken this to the Courts - so we shall see. Were these restrictions emebedded by statute in State consitutions, we wouldn't be at the mercy of this arbitrary and unlimited power.
Ted Monjure
Ted Monjure Сарын өмнө
To pass a decree closing a class of businesses, for any reason, for an indefnite period with no end in sight constitues taking of private property and is simply unconstitutional.
too heavy
too heavy Сарын өмнө
Will witt couldn't even be bothered to put a mask on?
Susan Kipper
Susan Kipper Сарын өмнө
There is a reason why ambition is blind.....
Ric Liang
Ric Liang Сарын өмнө
Those making the rules have zero financial impact from their rules
zach tbh
zach tbh Сарын өмнө
What makes it harder for business owners that had to shut down their businesses is to look for a job with a resume tainted as a failed business person. Where do you even begin..
Tarman Crothers
Tarman Crothers Сарын өмнө
SHE'S STILL WEARING A MASK?!?!😂😂 What an imbecile... Wake up lady.
The Computer Janitor
The Computer Janitor Сарын өмнө
Conservative criminals wrote the laws that the government now uses to shut down your business. Nixon said you can't sell scary plants, and now they say you can't sell your liquor. You reap what you sow. Cry me a river and then get back to letting the government get it in on you. Give Prager some money.... he can help! lol. What a self righteous, self inflicted farce.
Eldridge Smart
Eldridge Smart Сарын өмнө
We must stand up together & stand united against the tyranny. Also. They can not/have not know what percentage of people get the virus from outdoor or indoor dinning. No one goes from a sanitary place directly to a restaurant.
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